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Now that we are coming into fall Brown Patch or Large Patch is a fungus we need to keep an extra look out for.  This fungus starts out as a yellow and reddish, brownish irregular patch in the lawn and can grow quite large.  Its a fungus that will pop up in your yard year after year.  The fungus can show up in the yard from as early as October through May.  It is usually caused by excessive irrigation or periods of rain and high humidity  where the grass stays wet for an extended period of time like 48 hours or more.  The fungus will kill the grass blade but not the   brownpatch

roots of the grass.  It will take a fungicide to control the fungus.  So if you start to notice an irregular patch in your yard that is yellow and reddish-brownish you will want to contact us to see what needs to be done.  We will have to treat the area accordingly.  Brown patch can damage the yard significantly so its not something you should just over look.