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Today I want to address the fertilizer ban we are going to face in Pinellas County from June 1st to September 30th.  The ban only targets the nitrogen in the fertilizer.  This ban is in place to help us reduce the amount of pollution in our water source.  Since we are well aware of the ban we set up a program that gives the St Augustine grass enough Nitrogen for it to thrive through summer.  However, if you are a customer who only gets treated a couple times a year or a new customer that has not gotten the yard treated you may want to contact us to make sure you get the complete fertilizer applied to the yard before June 1st.  During the period of the ban there are still extremely important products we apply for the health of the lawn.  Besides different nutrients that we will be applying, turf damaging bugs are a major issue along with weeds and even fungus.  So its important for us to stay on schedule with your lawn service.  If you would like to get a treatment with nitrogen please feel free to call us and setup an application.