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From June 1st to October 1st Pinellas county will place a ban on Nitrogen.  This ban doesnt pertain to Pasco and Hillsborough counties.  St Augustine grass requires 3-4 lbs of nitrogen per year.  Since we are well aware of the ban in Pinellas our program is tailored to provide your lawn with the right amount of Nitrogen before and after the ban, so that it will thrive.  During the ban we still are applying extremely important products to the yard to help.  During these months bug activity and weed infestation are extremely high and this is why its vital for us to come out and treat the yard accordingly.  Also, in regards to the nutrients, just because the nitrogen is banned doesnt mean we arent still applying key nutrients such as potassium, iron and other secondary nutrients to help lawns health.  If you have any questions about the ban please give us a call.