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Fire Ant Control

We can help deal with this dangerous nuisance within days of the application. We guarantee to get them out of your yard for an entire year.

fire-ant-control Residents of the Southeastern United States must deal with a menacing introduced species of ant that causes blazing reactions from its victims. This ant species not only builds enormous unsightly mounds, but it is also very aggressive in its attempts to inflict painful bites and stings sometimes described as feeling like fire. What is this pest ant? It is the imported fire ant, or Solenopsis spp. to the experts.

Because of their biology, imported fire ants cannot be permanently eradicated. But with todays technology we are able to rid your yard of this pesky ant for an entire year.. Top Choice or Taurus are  granular insecticides that have to be spread throughout  the entire property, lawn and shrub beds. If an ant hill should somehow pop up we will come out for free and treat the pile.