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Warm soils, cool nights and heavy morning dew helps to make fall a great time to plant grass seed blends that contain Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescue and/or Perennial Ryegrass. So how do you choose what to plant? You are standing in front of the grass seed shelf and looking confused. There is a big difference in price. If there ever was truth to the statement “you get what you pay for” it is certainly true when buying grass seed. Cheap seed often is contaminated with seeds from the tough to control grassy weeds because they are growing in the field alongside the good grass plants when the farmer harvests the grass seed. The grass seed farmer has to decide whether to go to the extra expense of getting rid of these weeds or to sell his seed for less because of the weed seed contamination. Scotts pays the grass seed farmer top dollar to get weed-free seed. The better grass seed varieties also cost more because those in the know, like professional turf managers, are willing to pay more to get better varieties because they will have fewer problems. Cheap seed is going to cost you more in the long run: difficult to control weeds and grass varieties that struggle to produce a top rate lawn.

The best grass varieties will have less weed, disease and insect problems.

Scotts best grass seed blends are sold in the Turf Builder Grass Seed Line which is ideal for seeding a new lawn on bare soil. You simply select the mix that matches your conditions: sun, shade, mix of sun and shade, high traffic, heat-tolerance, etc. If you have just a few bare spots, there is a Scotts EZ Seed Blend that will fill the bill. If you want help turning weak, thin grass into a thick green lawn, Scotts Thick ‘R Lawn is a 3-in-1 solution containing seed, fertilizer, and soil improver.

For the record, if your grass seed does not contain lawn food with it, spread some Scotts Turf Builder Starter Lawn Food to help your new grass seed germinate and develop into a thick green lawn. To prevent weeds when you seed, you can use Scotts Turf Builder Starter Lawn Food plus Weed Preventer instead of regular Starter Lawn Food. This is the only weed control that should be used when planting grass seed.

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