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The reason people pay so much attention to their lawn or garden is that it is the first thing that people see when they visit your home. You never get a chance to make a first impression, and a beautiful lawn can make a lasting impression and increase the value of your home.

Unfortunately, people tend to think that beautiful landscaping is beyond their reach because it is either too difficult or too expensive. The good news is that isn’t actually the case.

One of the newest trends in landscaping is bagged rock and mulch. This has become so popular that many different companies have their own variations. You might actually be surprised and the numerous varieties of decorative rock that is currently available.

Different mulches and decorative landscaping stones are an excellent way to beautify and accent garden beds, ponds, driveways and walkways. They also provide natural benefits to the soil and plants. These benefits include controlling and reducing erosion, retaining moisture, controlling weeds and insulating the soil.

Here are a few tips on choosing and applying mulch:

  • Choose mulch that won’t be washed away easily.
  • Pick mulch that has a loose structure to let water pass through quickly.
  • Apply mulch in late spring. This helps reduce soil temperature and save water.
  • Apply fine mulches one to two inches deep. Coarse or fluffy mulches should be put on three to four inches deep.
  • Apply mulch evenly and level it with a rake or your hands.
  • Wet thoroughly after applying mulch.
  • Pull mulch a few inches away from plant stems and tree trunks.

When it comes to curb appeal and the beauty of your lawn, weeds have to be eliminated.  We know how tedious dealing with weeds can be, so we are here to help.  Assure Green offers a wide variety of professional lawn care services for your Tampa area home.  We can help you eliminate weeds, and even add mulch to your landscaping for you.  For all your lawn care needs give Assure Green a call today at (727) 797-4040 for a free consultation.

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