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Got Mosquitos?

Assuregreen is proudly providing an all natural Mosquito control program. Our Mosquito applications are designed to let you and your family enjoy your outdoor activities without the hassle of excessive swatting and Mosquito bites, in your own backyard!

🐕 Are these applications safe? YES

🚫 Are these applications effective? YES

😀 Are these applications affordable? YES

Not only does our natural Mosquito applications kill Mosquitoes, gnats and noseeums they also repel them.

* Avoid breathing the particulate matter produced when a Mosquito coil is smoldering!  Particulate Matter from one coil could be equivalent to 75 to 100+ cigarettes.

* Avoid spraying your family and yourself with Mosquito sprays!

We welcome you to reduce the risk of diseases that are spread to people by Mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes can spread Zika virus, West Nile virus, chikungunya virus, Dengue and Malaria.