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From June to August we are constantly seeing those pesky moths fly around our yard and our house.  These moths are the female adult sod web worm and they lay the eggs which turn into the turf damaging sod web worm.  One problem that we are faced with while dealing with these bugs is that we can not actually kill the moths because they fly away.  What we can kill and control are the sod webworms.  The worms like to go after newer sod but will go after any St Augustine grass they can.  The damage is primarily cosmetic as most of the damage is from them chewing on the grass blade it self.  This leaves there damage very easy to notice as you will most likely see a low lying area in the lawn that has been chewed up.  After several weeks the yard will recover unlike chinch bug damage which can take much longer.  When you see the moths it is usually within a week or two that the worms will pop up.  So if you notice any of these things popping up in your lawn please feel free to call us at the office.Sod-Webworm-Damage A picture of what there damage can look like.