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Now that we are in Spring there are several things we recommend that you, as the homeowner, do to help the yard look  its best.  Now that we are in the growing season here at AssureGreen we are applying a granular fertilizer to the turf with a combination of systemic and contact insecticides.  Our job is to green up the lawn and keep it weed and bug free, which we will do.  However, our  chemicals will only do so much.  To have the perfect lawn there are some things we need you to do.

Please make sure to water the lawn 2 times a week for 30-45 minutes a zone.  The reason you are watering for this amount of time is that you are trying to apply 1″ of water to the grass.  The deeper the water goes into the turf the deeper the roots will go.  The deeper the roots of the grass the healthier it is and therefore less prone to weed invasion and turf damaging bugs.  The easiest way to see just how much water your irrigation system is putting out is to take any flat surface can, i.e tuna can or coffee can, to catch the water and measure it after your irrigation is done. If you arent getting an inch of water you may need to adjust the coverage or increase the time.  Until we get our summer time rain our irrigation system is one of if not the most important factor to having a healthy yard.  If you need an irrigation company please feel free to call us for a recommendation.