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These last few weeks have been storm after storm. Although we desperately needed the rain too much rain is not always a good thing. According to Bay News 9 Drought Index, Pinellas County is still considered to be in a severe drought, from June 1- June 8 Tampa has only received 3 inches of rainfall. However, the Drought Index says that Clearwater has received almost 7 inches of rain this past week.

With rainfall and humid temperatures it creates the perfect environment for fungi to grow, specifically Grey Leaf Spot and mushrooms. Mushrooms are not harmful to your lawn, they are just not a pretty sight to see to the human eye. They are actually a sign of healthy soil, high in organic matter and will decompose. Grey Leaf Spot, also not pretty to see thrives in the wet, humid weather we are experiencing. Grey Leaf spot leaves lesions on the grass blades making the lawn have a brown appearance. While there are chemicals to treat this it is a more cosmetic disease and as we dry out it will grow out as well. There is no chemical made to kill the mushrooms, however.

Excessive rain and continuous watering on the lawn can cause root rot. The lawn needs oxygen for the root system to stay healthy. The most common symptom of root rot is yellow patches of grass and loose roots. We recommend turning off your irrigation if you do receive rain or utilizing a rain gauge to help monitor how much water your lawn is receiving.