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It has certainly been a warm winter so far.  In fact, we have been reaching record high temperatures.  Luckily it has been cooling off at night.  So you can still water just once a week and the yard will be fine.  As we come out to treat the yard we are having to keep an extra eye out for turf damaging bugs and diseases.  However, if there is something that doesnt look right in the yard before we get there  please dont hesitate to call.  Chinch bugs, fall army worms, take all root rot and many other things are still finding there way in the yard.  Take all root rot looks alot like chinch bug damage and it was in alot of yards this summer.  Because it is so nice outside we encourage you to take a look at the yard and your irrigation.  Your irrigation should be running in the very early morning so alot of times you wont notice a broken head.  I recommend turning your system on and seeing if you have any issues that need to be taken care of.  If you need a good irrigation guy you can always call us.  Here at AssureGreen we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.