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Now that we are halfway through winter there are a couple things to keep in mind.  My last blog discussed Brown Patch which is a common Fall/Winter/Spring time fungus.  If this disease is still lingering in your yard its because the grass doesnt grow that much during the winter months, which causes it to stick around a little longer.  However, a couple of your maintenance techniques through winter will help.  As you may notice the grass only needs to be cut every couple weeks and you really only need to be watering once a week.  The cooler and shorter days make it so that the lawn wont dry out as fast as the rest of the year.  Over watering will just condition your grass to needing that extra water to survive which would become a big problem if we hit a drought or your system broke.

During extremely cold periods it is good to leave the grass a little tall to help protect it against any close to freezing temperatures, however, you dont want it to get too tall because when you go to mow the lawn you dont want to scalp it because that is poor for lawn health.  About 5 years ago we had the coldest winter on record and a lot of the lawns were like hay but sure enough the St.Augustine recovered.  Some of the foreign grasses will brown out, for example crab grass and bermuda grass, under cold conditions.  But this is ok because at that point we try and get the St Augustine to take back over these areas as much as possible.  Because we live in the central/south area of Florida it is still very important that we look over your lawn on a normal basis to resolve any possible issues and apply product to help the lawn thrive and survive.  If you have any questions or concerns please call us.  Have a great New Year