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With the warmer weather we are experiencing we have started to see a rise in bug pressure throughout the Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough areas.

What is a Chinch bug? Let me give you a little back ground of the female Chinch bug. Over the life span of a female, she will lay approximately 250 eggs! They lay their eggs on the blades of St. Augustine grass close to where the blade touches the soil. Typically the eggs will hatch within 10-13 days during summer months. Their oval shaped egg start out as a pale white color and turn red with a white strip across their abdomen once they finally hatch. A baby Chinch bug is called a Nymph. As they grow their color starts to change. An adult Chinch is black and their wings are white with black spots at the margins.

The damaged inflicted by Chinch bugs causes discoloration to the lawn. Typically starting in drought stressed areas, along the edges, or where the grass is in full sunlight. A group of Chinch Nymph, and adult Chinch bugs will gather in an area and suck the nutrients from the stolon of the grass blade until the grass has wilted, causing a yellowing or browning discoloration.

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